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Digital Co-operative

FORUS Digital Co-operative

Each user group will form a unique DAO within the FORUS Digital Platform, and will vote on their specific issues.

The members will monitor KYC protocols, protections, and regulatory compliance across multiple sectors and utilities, and oversee data protection and compliance.

The FORUS Bureau
offers advanced identity verification solutions that help to eliminate the risk of fraud.

Our trusted technology partner:

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What is a
digital identity?

A digital identity provides companies with all the necessary information on their customer base, enabling them to manage the risks inherent in their business carefully and effectively. 

Digital identities, such as those created through FORUS Bureau’s biometric and other data-gathering processes, are more robust than paper-based verification systems and offer excellent protection from fraud.

In the case of group companies, all data is centrally held, which means that a customer only needs to have their data captured once in order for it to be accessed by multiple, country-wide divisions. 

This not only improves the customer experience; it also enables the individual businesses concerned as well as the group company to closely monitor their customers’ data and movements. 

This eliminates the risk of card cloning, identity theft and fraud.

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