The FORUS wallet allows you to make fast, easy payments by anyone from everywhere.

FORUS, pronounced FOR-US, is a digital eco-system of Financial Services, that’s Free, Open, Real time, Ubiquitous, and Secure.

What is FORUS?

It’s More Than a Model, It’s a Mantra.

FORUS is a collaborative platform built for the sharing economy. But why? The FORUS technology stack was purpose built to allow for collaboration among members, essentially FORUS is a digital Co-operative.

A tokenised investment and trading platform, run by its members to collectively invest in economic development initiatives, small businesses and entrepreneurs. It is a virtuous circle where everyone benefits and where creativity, people and the planet are the only things that count.

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FORUS has stitched together an eco-system, that addresses the dissatisfaction our targeted consumers and customer segments have with the current status quo in the Financial Services market and also addresses the barriers that exclude a significant proportion of them from participation in that market– this differentiates us, and provides a significant competitive advantage.

Be a funder of the future

This is an invitation for you to consider investing your equity and intellectual capital in the FORUS Digital Exchange.